What is nessViewer? Simply very multifunctional!

Media Editing, Media Show, Media Presentation, MediaCenter, Media Server

What is nessViewer?

nessViewer is the allround media application to edit, browse, collect and arrange, present, transfer and stream media.

The main idea is to use only one application to do all this instead of switching between several applications like DVD Player, iPhoto or Photos App, iTunes or Music App, QuickTime Player and Preview.

nessViewer supports various media: pictures, movies, DVDs and PDFs. Through QuickTime extensions all common movie formats can be edited and presented (32 bit version).

Data protection & privacy

With nessViewer private data and privacy are protected particularly well: covers are only searched & displayed for DVDs (which can be deactivated). For movie files, however, covers must be set by "Movie Info".

Media: edit

Working tools are integrated in nessViewer which allow it to prepare media without switching to professional software for editing media like pictures or movies - for example to
  • rotate a picture or movie
  • crop part of a picture or movie
  • join a few movie clips into one movie
  • cut a tiresome introduction or credit
With the working tools all this can be done simply and fast.

AppleTV, iPad, iPhone, iPod
Movies can be exported with nessViewer to a compatible format for AppleTV, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Multiple movies can be converted in one step by the export functionality of the media show.

Media: DLNA

Through the DLNA browser or the MediaCenter many DLNA media servers can be accessed - for example DS214play, Fritz!Box NAS Media Server, Kodi UPnP media server, miniDLNA, Plex Media Server, PS3 Media Server, Serviio media server or Twonky Media Server.

Media Show: collect & arrange

The media for a media show can be selected simply and fast from different storage places like iPhoto albums, Photos App moments or media folders. The collected media can be sorted or manually re-arranged and then saved for later presentation.
With the 64 bit version, media from Aperture, Final Cut (Pro), iMovie, "Photo Booth" and "Photos App" can be imported as well.

Media: present

Media presentations can be started with nessViewer in various ways:
  • via drag & drop e.g. from the Finder
  • through system functions like "CDs & DVDs"
  • through menu functions e.g. to start a DVD
  • in media shows, the MediaCenter or DLNA
The presentation menu allows it to change the aspect ratio of movies, zoom into movies, present the media randomly and / or endless, and add the current media or all media to a new media show.


The MediaCenter offers an easy & quick access to Aperture and iPhoto albums and events, iTunes or Music App media, Photos App moments, collections and albums, media from various (DLNA) media servers and local media at the picture and movie folder or mounted volumes. Plenty of different media can be selected and continuously presented afterwards.
MediaCenter and media presentations can be controlled by Apple remote control, NV Remote App for iPhone and iPod touch, trackpad, Magic mouse or keyboard.

Media Server

The media server provides media for iPad, iPhone and iPod or Apple TV, whereat media will be converted automatically to a compatible format if necessary. Media from the iOS device can also be transfered to the computer by the FTP client of nessViewer App. Through external tools even cinema movies (DVDs, EyeTV movies) can be streamed e.g. to the iPhone or Apple TV or another Mac.
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