nessViewer Functions Functions

Media in nessViewer

  • In nessViewer the most different media can be used:
    • Pictures
    • Movies
    • DVDs
    • PDF documents
  • With nessViewer the media can be edited, arranged or presented. Furthermore nessViewer offers tools which allow it to carry out smaller media treatments and to avoid therefore the change in more extensive software products.

Pictures processing

  • For the processing of pictures the following tools are available:
    • Crop parts of a picture
    • Rotate (left/right/vertical)
    • Flip (vertical/horizontal)
    • Save as (in the formats): BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF

Movie processing

  • For the processing of movies, nessViewer offers a handy selection of tools. Through these tools it is possible e.g. to cut movies (for removing an introduction, excerpts or advertisements) or to join (for summarising single short sequences to one single sequence). In detail it contains the following tools:
    • Select, cut, copy and paste of movie parts (32 bit version)
    • Select and delete movie parts (64 bit version)
    • Add a track (e.g., a sound track to a video track, 32 bit version)
    • Join (multiple) movies (64 bit version)
    • (De)activate, extract, remove tracks (e.g., a sound track to a video track)
    • Rotate (left/right/vertical)
    • Flip (vertical/horizontal)
    • Change the size or crop an excerpt (e.g. to fade out black beams on top and below)
    • Export/convert into different movie formats (e.g. for AppleTV, iPad, iPhone, iPod)

PDF document processing

  • For the processing of PDFs the following tools are available:
    • Opening of single pages as a picture
    • Extraction of pages as pictures


  • DLNA allows it to browse the content of DLNA media servers and to present media like pictures and movies. With macOS 10.7 or newer even movies in MPEG2 format (like EyeTV movies) can be presented directly in nessViewer.

Media collection and arrangement

  • With media shows it is possible to collect media from different sources (e.g. picture or movie files, iPhoto or Photos App albums) and to arrange them. The collection can be used to clean up folders, to convert pictures and movies or present pictures/movies/PDF documents. The media show function offers the following tools:
    • Add pictures/movies/PDFs from folders, iPhoto or Photos App albums
    • Collection and arrangement of mixed media
    • Removing pictures/movies/PDFs from folders
    • Convert pictures (e.g. to reduce the size of the pictures) and movies (e.g. for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch)
    • Join multiple movies in one new movie (64 bit version)
    • Presentation

Media presentation

  • nessViewer allows the presentation of media, media shows or - ad hoc in the media center assembled - playlists.
  • During a presentation several functions are available
    • Increase of playback speed (up to 64x)
    • Endless playback
    • Sorting by name, path or random
    • Fullscreen switch (e.g. for different presentations on 2 displays)
    • Aspect ratio (4:3; 16:9; 21:9)
    • Zooming
    • Language selection (track activation; if available)
    • Default audio language selection (including automatic selection of audio passthrough if available) for DVDs
  • For movies which are stored in iTunes, the last play position will be resumed and saved on exit in iTunes (if iTunes is started).
  • Manual presentation

    In nessViewer media can also be presented without remote control by mouse or keyboard.
    • Drag & drop function - media files or folders are dragged on the nessViewer icon in the dock and dropped
    • Opening by menu function - media files or folders are opened by the file menu
    • Media show presentation function - a media show presentation is started by the menu function


  • The media center offers the following content:
    • pictures, DVDs, movies, media shows, PDFs and films on (local) volumes
    • pictures or movies from Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes and Photos App
      (incl. protected movies, TV shows)
    • pictures or movies from the media server or various DLNA media servers
  • The media center offers the following features:
    • Ad hoc construction of playlists with pictures, movies, PDF documents
    • Presentation of this playlist or single media
    • iTunes or Music App control to switch playlists/tracks or start/stop playback
      (including informations of the current track)
    • Automatic dimming of the screen after five minutes
    • Optional shutdown of the computer by selecting exit
  • Through "Movie Info" a cover/preview and description can be set for DVDs/movies and media shows.

Media Server

  • The media server allows it to transfer media between Mac and iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and to stream media from Mac to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Apple TV.
    • Setup of shared folers
    • Setup of allowed users
    • Access restriction (anonymous access; TCP/IP filter; removing & renaming of folders and files)
    • Access via WiFi (local & extern) or cellular (e.g. 3G)
    • Automatic conversion of media (iOS and tvOS compatibility)
    • Live streaming of QuickTime movies (among others AVI, DivX, MOV), EyeTV movies and DVDs
    • Automatically start the server at application launch
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