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Media editing for pictures, movies and PDF documents

Media Editing

  • With nessViewer different media can be used like pictures/photos, movies/videos and PDF documents. To really enjoy a media presentation, it often requires a treatment of these media.
  • For these treatments, nessViewer offers editing tools that allow it to make minor edits to the media. Therefore it is not necessary to switch to more extensive software products.

Pictures: cut, rotate, flip, convert

  • With the treatment tools it is possible to edit pictures directly in nessViewer:
    • cropping of the current selected part
    • rotating (left/right/vertically)
    • flipping (vertically/horizontally)
    • converting into BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
  • PDF documents: extraction

  • nessViewer can extract single pages of PDF documents as pictures to edit or save these pictures afterwards.

    For example a double click on the miniature of a page opens the page as a picture. Multiple pages can be selected and exported as pictures as well.

    Therefore it is possible to integrate parts of PDF documents in a media show.
  • crop picture rotate picture

Movies: cut, join, compress

  • Movies and videos sometimes require a change or customization to individual requirements. This applies e.g. to
    • cropping of black beams (size / bounds changes)
    • removing of annoying advertising clips in videos
    • extracting and saving of a movie track (e.g. a soundtrack from a music video)
    • activation/deactivating of movie tracks (if e.g. several soundtracks exist for different languages)
    • combinition of multiple movies (video clips of mobile phones or digital cameras) to one movie
    • rotating (left/right/vertically)
    • flipping (vertically/horizontally)
    • delete selection
    • cut, copy and paste of movie parts (32 bit version)
    • export/converting/compressing in different movie formats (e.g. for AppleTV, iPad, iPhone and iPod)
    • creating and saving of new movies (e.g. from parts of video clips or other movies)
    • recording of videos, e.g. with the integrated camera, and their editing and saving
  • With the treatment tools offered in nessViewer this is no problem and the use of more extensive software products is not necessary.
  • movie size movie tracks
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