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Media Show: playlist with additional benefit

Media Show

  • With nessViewer different media from different sources can be arranged in a media show (playlist). Media can be added to media shows by menu commands of nessViewer or drag & drop.
  • Of course it is also possible to import, arrange and extend media from iPhoto or Photos App albums.
  • Even media presented thru the MediaCenter can be added separately or together to media shows.
  • The media arranged in a media show can be saved as media show, sorted or manually arranged, and presented.
  • Pictures and movies can be exported / converted to various formats in only one step - this is especially usefull to prepare media for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Furthermore it is very easy to tidy up folders by optional removing media from a media show and from folder.

Arrangement & display of media in a media show

  • Media can be arranged in media shows in different ways by
    • opening or adding media or folders with menu commands
    • drag & drop media or folders on the nessViewer icon shown in the dock
    • drag & drop media on the drawer of a media show
    • import media from iPhoto albums
    • add media during a presentation
  • Clearly laid out → preferences helps you to configure whether and how media is collected in media shows. This way you could configure for example that all opened media will always be added to media shows.
  • The collected media are displayed in the media show window as a miniature in the drawer and the currently selected media in the main window as picture - whereas a preview will be shown (if possible) for movies/video and the first page of a PDF document.
  • By double clicking on a miniature the media will be opened in a new document window where the media can be edited.

Import of media from other applications in one step

    nessViewer media show import
  • Beside drag & drop of media from other applications into the drawer of a media show, media from (one or multiple) iPhoto albums can be imported in only one step.
  • In the 64 bit version, media from Aperture, Final Cut (Pro), iMovie, "Photo Booth" and "Photos App" can be imported as well.
  • If titles has been added to media, then these titles will also be imported into the media show.

Export / conversion of multiple pictures and movies in one step

    nessViewer media show export / conversion
  • The pictures and movies of a media show can be exported aka converted in only one step.
  • In the export dialog can be setup
    • the format (GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF), the quality and the size for pictures;
    • the format (MPEG-4 for AppleTV, iPad, iPhone or iPod) for movies.

Map with GPS location of pictures arranged in a media show

    nessViewer media show with GPS location of pictures
  • The GPS location of pictures arranged in a media show can be viewed in a map - and a click on one marker in the map shows the picture in the media show.
  • The map is displayed in an extra window - this way exploring and enjoying locations of the last tour is very comfortable and easy.

Arrangement of media in the media center

    nessViewer MediaCenter with pictures
  • For an ad-hoc media presentation in the
    media center, the media can be arranged and selected very comfortably with the Apple remote control, NV Remote App for iPhone and iPod touch or keyboard.
  • During the presentation the current or all media can be added to a (new) media show by keyboard or menu command.
  • After finishing the presentation the collected media will be shown in a (new) media show.
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