Media presentation
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Media presentation: pictures, movies, DVDs, PDFs, media shows

Media presentation

  • Media presentations can be started in nessViewer in various ways - for instance with menu commands, by drag & drop or by remote control.

  • By setting media preferences the behavior of nessViewer can be influenced:
    • DVDs and movies can be first opened "normally" in a window - and then you start the presentation manually by menu or keyboard commands or remote control
    • pictures, movies and PDF documents can be first arranged in a media show - and then you start the mixed presentation manually by menu or keyboard commands or remote control
    • media can be automatically presented instantly (and mixed)
  • The current presentation can be controlled by Apple remote control, NV Remote App for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, trackpad, Magic mouse or keyboard:
    • start/stop
    • present next/previous media
    • fast forward or rewind respectively jump
    • (continuous) increase of the play rate
  • During a presentation several special functionalities are available in the presentation menu of the menubar:
    • increase playback speed
    • endless playback
    • sorting by name, path or random
    • zooming
    • fullscreen or window display
    • aspect ratio (4:3; 16:9; 21:9)
    • language selection (if available)
    • default audio language selection (including automatic selection of audio passthrough if available) for DVDs
  • The menubar can be accessed by moving the (invisible) cursor to the top of the screen.

Presentation of single media

    Play/present a DVD

  • A DVD can be either played in the current window or in fulllscreen mode.
  • In the system preferences "CDs & DVDs" nessViewer can be set for the action "Video DVD insert".
  • Play/present a movie

  • A movie can be either played in the current window or in fullscreen mode.
  • In fullscreen mode panoramas will be rotated step by step and - if more than one view exist - these views are successively displayed.
  • Present a PDF document

  • PDF documents can be presented in fullscreen mode whereat the single pages will be presented continously.
  • nessViewer DVD and movie presentation

Presentation of mixed media via a media show

  • Media show presentations can be started in the current window by the menu command "Start presentation".
  • By setting the correspondend preferences it can be controlled whether
    • the presentation will be started at the currently selected media (or always at the first one)
    • only the selected media will be presented (or all)
  • In a media show the next/previous media can be selected either by keyboard or remote control. The selected media will be shown in the main window as picture (respectively a preview for movies and the first page for PDF documents).
  • nessViewer MediaCenter

Presentation of media via DLNA (UPnP)

  • Modern network environments use DLNA media servers like NAS volumes (connected to a rooter) or applications like "Serviio" to access the media on several computers.
  • With nessViewer these DLNA media servers can be accessed by "DLNA" to browse the content and present media like pictures and movies.
  • With MacOS X 10.7 or newer even movies in MPEG2 format (like EyeTV movies) can be presented directly in nessViewer.

Home cinema with the remote control

  • Comfortably from the armchair, couch or bed the MediaCenter or the presentation can be controlled by remote control.
  • The Apple remote control or the NV Remote App for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch offers an easy-to-use interface with full control.
Apple remote control NV Remote App
Some buttons offer multiple functionality by just pressing it once, holding it down or pressing it twice - for example:
  • holding down MENU closes the current window (e.g. a presentation or the media center)
  • holding down PLAY in a movie / DVD window starts the fullscreen presentation
  • holding down PLAY in a movie presentation zooms in and out of the movie
  • holding down RIGHT in a movie presentation increases the play rate each time,
    pressing it twice jumps further forward
  • holding down RIGHT if a movie is paused starts slow motion

Comfortable and easy presentation with nessViewer!

A phone call, a ring at the doorbell, somebody enters the room uninvited? Park your presentation: simply move nessViewer to the background and it will automatically executes the "pause" function. The presentation can be continued at any time: a mouse click on the nessViewer icon and the presentation will be continued at the interrupted position.
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