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nessViewer - so what is it?

nessViewer is an all-round program to prepare, compile, present, transfer and stream media. The main idea is to be able to do all this in just one program instead of having to switch between various programs such as DVD player, "Photos App" or iPhoto, QuickTime player and preview.

nessViewer is applicable for Apple computers and the iPhone, iPad and iPod - see: System requirements

A wide variety of media functions and media editing tools are combined in nessViewer. Supported are: Pictures, movies, DVDs and PDFs.

nessViewer is offered for Mac-OS and as nessViewer app for iOS.

Edit media

The nessViewer editing tools save the need to switch to other programmes for special media editing

Media Editing

Present media

The media presentation & the generation of the media show is done via user-friendly functions and the MediaCenter

Media Presentation 


The MediaServer makes media available for iPad, iPhone or Apple TV and automatically converts the media into the necessary format


The movie editing

... cutting, assembling, compressing — this is no problem with the editing tools available in nessViewer.

Whether removing annoying black bars or distracting commercial clips or creating a new film by joining individual video recordings and activating or deactivating film tracks, nessViewer's film editing is versatile.

With the editing tools for films and videos it is no need to switch to professional software products!

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The Media Show

With nessViewer, different media from different sources can be compiled in a media show (playlist). This is done via the menu commands of nessViewer or the drag & drop function.

Furthermore, it is also possible to transfer albums compiled in iPhoto or the Photos app to the media show and expand it.

Media presented in the MediaCentre can be added to a media show individually or as a total of all media.

Playlists with added value - the nessViewer media show!

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The MediaCenter

Use the MediaCenter as a central control for all local media or media from various media servers. Through the MediaCenter, the media you want to present and enjoy can be selected easily and quickly with the Apple remote control, the NV Remote app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the trackpad, the Magic Mouse or with the keyboard. The simple configuration of the MediaCentre and the clear presentation of the content make it an excellent replacement for Front Row and other MediaCenters.

Home entertainment as its purest - comfortable and relaxing, from the couch, armchair, bed or directly at the Apple computer!

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The Media Server

The media server allows transferring media like pictures and videos via FTP client between Mac and iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and streaming pictures, DVDs, EyeTV movies, videos from Mac to Mac, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

With the nessViewer app the media server can be accessed via FTP client as well as via MediaCenter.

The nessMediaCenter app for AppleTV and the MediaCenter of nessViewer for Mac also provide access to the media server via the main menu.

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The iOS APPs

nessViewer App for iOS

The nessViewer App is a multimedia viewer and presenter. It supports various media formats (images, Office/PDF/RTF documents, videos) and sources (local, intranet).

The wide range of functions allows, for example, not only the exchange of media between two devices or the Mac, but also the streaming of videos. The media server of nessViewer also takes over the automatic conversion for iOS, if necessary.

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NV Remote II APP für iOS

is the remote control for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, with which nessViewer can be controlled as with the Apple remote control.

Within the local WLAN, NV Remote II App can be used to control not only the MediaCenter and Media Presentation, but also EyeTV and iTunes.

When the Media Centre or Media Presentation is active, what is currently being played is displayed in landscape format.

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nessViewer Version 4.0 für Mac-OS available  Download

nessViewer App Version 2.5 für iOS available  AppStore