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Control of the presentations

with the Apple remote control, NV Remote app, Magic Mouse, trackpad or keyboard.

Control with the NV Remote II App

NV Remote II App for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch provides a simple user interface to control the MediaCenter or presentations in nessViewer or nessMediaCenter.

If the NV Remote II app is connected within the local WLAN, the MediaCenter, films from a media server can be controlled or local pictures, DVDs, films, PDFs, Photos app media can be presented. It can also be used to control iTunes or the music app.

Single presentation of the media

Playing/presenting a DVD

A DVD can be played both in the current window and in full-screen mode.

Playing/presenting a film

Films can also be played both in the current window and in full-screen mode.

Presenting a PDF document

Even PDF documents can be presented. The individual PDF pages are displayed one after the other in full-screen mode.


Control of Presentations

  • start/stop
  • present next/previous medium
  • fast forward/fast reverse
  • increase playback speed (up to 64x)

  • Increase the playback speed
  • Switch to endless playback
  • Sort by name, path or unsorted (random)
  • Switch between window and full screen presentation
  • Zooming
  • Change aspect ratio (4:3; 16:9; 21:9)
  • Language selection (if available)
  • Set default language (incl. automatic selection of audio passthrough if available) for DVDs

The presentation menu is available in the menu bar when the (invisible) mouse pointer is moved all the way up.

NV Remote II App is available in the Apple App Store.

Download NV Remote II App