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The MediaServer

transferring and streaming media

MediaServer: Access via Mac Book

The MediaServer enables the transfer of media (pictures, videos) via FTP client between Mac and iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and the streaming of media (pictures, DVDs, EyeTV movies, videos) from Mac to Mac, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

MediaServer: Access via nessViewer App

With the nessViewer app, the MediaServer can be accessed via FTP client as well as via MediaCenter.

MediaServer: Access via Apple TV

With the nessMediaCenter app for AppleTV and the MediaCenter of nessViewer for Mac, the MediaServer can be accessed via the main menu.

additional information

  • The folders define which folders are to be displayed in order to access their media.
  • Only the names of the shared folders are displayed and not the entire path. This prevents access to other folders (which are outside the shared folders).

  • By default, access to files stored on the Mac is restricted: Files can thus neither be renamed nor deleted - unless explicitly allowed.


  • In addition to the anonymous user, who has no access by default, users with a password can be specified who are to have access to the media server.

The specified users have nothing to do with the Mac users (for login)!

This is particularly important because with FTP the data (and thus also users and passwords) are transmitted unencrypted.

  • For each user, it can additionally be specified whether media should be converted for transfer to iOS if they are not compatible.
  • Optionally, the quality for streaming can also be specified - otherwise it is calculated depending on OS and connection. In this way, one can use different users for different connections - iPad high for a fast connection and iPad low for a slow connection.