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The nessViewer App for iOS

nessViewer for iOS

nessViewer für iOS is a multimedia-Viewer and presenter. It supports various media formats such as images, Office/PDF/RTF documents and videos and can be used for the sources: Local and Intranet.

A wide range of funtions enables not only the exchange of media between two devices or the Mac, but also the streaming of videos. The media-server von nessViewer for Mac also takes over the automatic conversion for iOS if necessary.

With nessViewer App you can view all your media: pictures, documents, films and videos.
No matter if they are stored on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

The MediaCenter with the nessViewer App

Download nessViewer App to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and use the nessViewer App as your media centre. Watch videos, present your compiled media show or view your local pictures, PDF documents and videos one after the other.

The DLNA functionality of the nessViewer app can be used to access different media servers and present the media.

The FTP connection with the nessViewer App

Both an FTP server and an FTP client are integrated in the nessViewer app.

This enables not only the transfer of media between 2 devices, but also the exchange of media with your computer via WLAN.

In addition, the Mac version of nessViewer offers a media server: this automatically converts media if they are not iOS-compatible.

Through the media server, it is possible to present one's media from the Mac directly on the iOS device. With the appropriate tools (either VLC 2.0 from macOS 10.5 or Apple's mediastream- segmenter from 10.6), films can be segmented and presented directly as a stream.